Jeffrey P. Brodsky

Jeffrey P. Brodsky represents clients across a spectrum of practice areas for the Katsorhis Law Firm. His range of experience includes representing both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases and handling employment law, family law, business and commercial law, civil rights matters, contract law, criminal law, litigation and appeals and state, local and municipal law. With broad experience in numerous fields, Mr. Brodsky is an attorney who is truly capable of providing full service to his clients.

Mr. Brodsky’s legal career is unique in that in most of his practice areas, he has represented each side at one point. This gives him a distinct perspective on handling cases and often allows him to resolve cases in a more timely, efficient and favorable manner for his clients. In employment law matters, he has represented employees who have suffered injuries or otherwise been wronged by their employers, and he has also advocated for employers who have been sued by their employees on a variety of matters. Mr. Brodsky zealously advocates for each of his clients, using his substantial knowledge to achieve the best possible results.

He has also represented both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury matters, including businesses who have been sued by customers and others who were injured on their property. Given Mr. Brodsky’s depth of experience in personal injury law, he can often achieve settlements that help his clients move forward quickly. However, with decades of experience in all aspects of litigation, Mr. Brodsky is not hesitant to take cases to trial when necessary. He has handled tens of thousands of depositions and countless trials. He utilizes his knowledge and experience to counsel his clients on the best course of action — and to help them achieve the best outcome for their case.

Mr. Brodsky also provides trusts and estates services to his clients, including drafting and contesting trusts and wills. His knowledge of trusts and estates dovetails with his other practice areas, enabling him to advise clients on how their proposed actions may impact their future estate plans. This may include divorce, child custody and support issues as well as other matters, such as structuring settlements or establishing businesses. Because Mr. Brodsky has such a wide range of experience, he can provide comprehensive legal advice to his clients.

After graduating from the University of Bridgeport School of Law in 1989, Mr. Brodsky was admitted to practice in Connecticut in 1989 and New York in 1990. He was later admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in 2005.

In addition to his work for The Katsorhis Law Firm, Mr. Brodsky has served as a small claims court arbitrator on a volunteer (pro bono) basis since at least 2000. He is also frequently a court-appointed referee for foreclosure actions in Queens County. He regularly appears in both state and federal court.

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